Creative messages, heartfelt emotions.

Packages and Custom Services


Single message

This package is a complete service for the creation of one video message, including an archival session.

  • 1 hour scripting
  • 2 hour video shoot
  • 1 hour archival session
  • Complete edit
  • Screening of finished product with client

Package pricing: $1049

Archival video

Forever & A Day offers services creating digital archives of photographs, documents, and relevant memorabilia, ensuring that precious items and memories are preserved for future interest.

Archival pricing: $75 per hour, or determined by volume of material.

three messages

This package includes an extended consultation and video shoot, allowing for the creation of three separate messages.

  • 2.5 hour scripting
  • 4 hour video shoot
  • 1 hour archival session
  • Complete edits
  • Screening of finished products with client

Package pricing: $2399

Custom Message creation

Forever & A Day is available for custom work and can assist clients in creating videos of any scope and scale, for any sort of delivery. Custom work begins with a free consultation to help the client determine their needs and create a plan of action.

  • Custom contract

Custom pricing: $105 per hour, or determined by scope of project.

DELIVERY and formatting

Every final product created by Forever & A Day will be delivered in our custom wooden boxes that reflect the care and quality of the work we do.  All content will be delivered on USB stick, unless another formatting option is preferred.


Frequently Asked Questions



A:  Videos can be created for absolutely anyone of your choosing.  A family member, a dear friend, a long lost love (we will make every effort to help you locate them if you don't know how to get in touch), or even someone not yet arrived into the world.  Clients can choose to create a message to be played at memorial services or gatherings of family in remembrance of their lives.  Also, our service is designed for people who are interested in delivering messages to the distant future - for example, a message to be delivered on the 18th birthday of a grandchild, or a graduation years down the road.

Q:  What sort of things should I say in the video?

A:  This is completely up to you, but our representatives can help you decide during the scripting portion of our service.  Telling someone you love them, or are proud of them for their accomplishments and successes is wonderful.  Reminiscing about moments past, or simply talking about oneself is common.  Video messages are most meaningful when whatever is said comes from the heart.

Q:  Where will the video be filmed?

A:  Forever & A Day will make any accommodations necessary for the client to ensure they have a straightforward and comfortable experience creating their message.  We will come to you and make the required arrangements to work at locations of convenience.  When working with clients with disabilities or limited mobility, we will make every effort to ensure that the final product can be created to your satisfaction, while providing you with an enjoyable experience.

Q:  Where do you travel to?  

A:  We are based in Kingston, but will travel to any area of South Eastern Ontario.  For projects beyond a 50km radius, there will be a small surcharge to cover travel expenses.

Q:  How long does it take to complete a video?

A:  All videos will be completed within a month from the time you contact Forever & A Day.  If clients require videos in a shorter time frame, then accommodations will be made if possible. Most video consultations/scripting will happen within a week, filming will happen either the same day as scripting, or within two weeks, and a final edit will be completed within another two weeks. Editing involves the most labour and generally takes 8-12 hours per video.  Depending on the volume of videos we are working on at any given time, a complete product could be finished anytime up to one month after commissioning, but generally quicker than that.

Q:  What if I want to change something after i see the 'final' video?

A:  After filming, the video will be edited by our resident editor.  A screening will then be conducted with the client so they can see the final product.  If the client wishes further changes to be made, Forever & A Day will do an additional edit of up to 1 hour to adjust the product.  If the client still desires further adjustments beyond that, arrangements can be made to continue to edit, at an additional cost.

Q:  How is the video delivered to the intended recipient?

A:  Once a video is complete, Forever & A Day will give the final product to someone specified by the client, to safeguard until delivery of the video to the chosen recipient.  For example, if you want to create a video message for your grandchild's high school graduation, which will take place 4 years hence, upon completion of the video we could deliver it to the parents of the grandchild to safeguard until graduation.  That way the video message can be kept as a surprise for the recipient, but delivery at the appropriate time can be ensured.  Forever & A Day will always keep an archival copy of each video message (unless asked not to) in case the family member misplaces the original, and needs a replacement.  Delivery can of course be customized to reflect unique wishes.

Q:  What is your archival service?

A:  The archival service is a way for clients to protect important memorabilia and media for future generations.  If you have a photo album of precious memories, we can turn it into a digital album for you.  If you have souvenirs from past experiences, we can create photographic records of them.  This provides long term protection from physical damage, and also allows memories to be stored and transmitted with ease.  Each video service also includes a 1 hour archival session.  This allows the client to choose photographs or other items that they wish to be included in the video message.  For example, if in a portion of the video you are talking about your past, we can include photographs of yourself to illustrate what you are saying.  If you are not interested in including any archival material in your message for a loved one, then we will still provide you with a separate archival video of some chosen items, if desired.

Q:  What Can I expect if I engage the services of Forever & A dAY?

A:  Clients can expect prompt and courteous service from knowledgeable video creators.  Forever & A Day will help you to make something you can be proud of, that will have lasting meaning for the recipient, while providing you with an enjoyable experience in front of the camera.